Florida ft.Pumpkin Patches

Ah, the smell of pumpkin spice. The scent that screams October. Pumpkins, candy corn and orange leaves are reasons to love this month. Or maybe (if you’re like me) you get excited for the fall wardrobe: scarfs, sweaters & booties. Let’s not forget that maroon lipstick ladies! Autumn is my hands-down favorite season. The weather drops at that perfect degree, making it not too-hot, not too-cold, type of thing. It’s the perfect time to have the friends & family around the fire pit & make some s’mores (YUM).
But I love October because: Pumpkin patches, duh.This year’s pumpkin patch was different. My boyfriend took me to a farmers market where not only do they grow their own pumpkins, but they grow strawberries, tomatoes, potatoes, & even sunflowers! Unfortunately, there were no sunflowers because of the season (insert sad face here). 

Not to worry though because we found our perfect pumpkins! Take a look. 


 Also they had 80 acres of field. Which is a whole lot of food if you ask me…. Like so much CORN! 

   See ya next time Bedners! Time to carve some pumpkins.



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